about corepilates

Hi, I’m Penny and I was trained in Pilates by Helge Fisher and Stephanie Beeson at the New Pilates School, Brighton, in 2003 and have also undertaken courses with the Kane School of New York, Polestar Pilates and completed Gary Carter’s myofascial anatomy course for Pilates teachers.

I think it’s very important to continue my professional development and regularly undertake courses and workshops to keep abreast of new developments in the world of Pilates and anatomy. In 2016/17 I took Gary Carter’s Myofascial Anatomy course for Pilates teachers – 11 weekends of in-depth learning and looking at the body from a myofascial perspective, and have also begun my training to become a Certified Pilates Therapist. These have fed into my teaching, giving me  a fresh insight into the body and how it functions and moves. I also combine my nutritional knowledge when working with clients on a one-to-one basis.

I am very lucky to be doing a job I love – teaching Pilates is incredibly fulfilling as the results are so positive for people – whether they are suffering from back pain, a shoulder injury, arthritis, reduced mobility or just want to improve their strength and flexibility and have a good workout. I try to make my classes varied, interesting and fun – there is a huge repertoire of Pilates exercises so it’s hard to get bored!

As well as Pilates matwork, I am also trained to teach on Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. Working on the equipment brings a deeper awareness of how you move your body and provides an interesting and varied work-out. I will be opening my own equipment studio, with Balanced Body equipment, at home in May 2018. See here for more details.

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist, graduating from Raworth College in 2005. I give general advice on healthy eating and also on more specific conditions that can be managed through diet and nutrition, such as digestive or hormonal complaints, stress and fatigue. I often work with both disciplines when treating clients, as postural and muscular imbalances can be a factor in digestive disorders or stress, for example. Conversely, back pain and inflammation can be treated very effectively through diet. Visit Core Nutrition for more details.

What her clients say

Strengthening my core through Pilates with Penny has without a doubt led to me reducing my golf handicap!” Nick Smith, Hampshire

“I started Pilates nearly 2 years ago (age 70) and, after a lifetime of lower back problems, noticed an improvement within the first two months.   Penny Little, the class teacher, takes a very close interest in each participant’s needs and I strongly recommend the group to anyone, elderly or otherwise, however painful their condition may be.”
David Mount, Brighton

“Thanks Penny for your quality classes! When I hurt my back from repetitive lifting activities it took ages to feel I was getting better, even after physiotherapy.  My body was all out of muscle balance trying to compensate for my weakened back. Because you make it your concern to understand each individual, particularly when they have had injuries and need careful instruction, under your guidance I was able to gradually re-learn to use the correct sets of muscles to regain my core body strength – something which I didn’t truly understand before, but am now very aware of – and now Pilates plays an integral role in keeping me fit and ‘body-aware’.”
Angie Anderson, Horley, Surrey

“Having had a slipped disc I was constantly anxious about injuring it again but since doing Pilates with Penny my back has been greatly improved.  I would confidently recommend her classes to anyone.”
Anne Fawcett, mother of 3 , Redhill, Surrey

“I was a complete beginner at Pilates and Penny’s teaching skills were excellent. She began with the complete basics which I found very helpful and progressed throughout the week. Penny had a gentle, encouraging style.”
Annie Dixon, guest at Cortijo Romero

“Penny is a wonderful leader. Highly knowledgeable, sympathetic to individual needs.”
Anne Lovejoy, guest at Cortijo Romero, Spain

“Pilates made me (back) pain free for the first time in twenty odd years – and I am so impressed I am now training to be an instructor!”
Jenny Sparks, Reigate, Surrey

“People started asking if I had lost weight. I hadn’t, I was just standing taller, had better posture and started becoming more toned from Pilates.”
Fran Beresford, Reigate, Surrey

“I have found Penny’s classes excellent, they have helped me with my posture and more importantly, building up my core stomach muscles.  I  leave the class each week feeling better for the exercise!”
Jean Ayres, Reigate, Surrey

“Regular Pilates, as recommended by my osteopath, has slowly, surely and very positively greatly improved my long term back problem. Penny is an excellent, relaxed and knowledgeable teacher. Highly recommended.”
Cathy Salisbury, Newdigate, Surrey

“It’s a novelty to be pain-free!”
Sally Halford, Reigate, Surrey

For further information contact Penny.