Please feel free to download any of the features. This section will be updated regularly so look out for downloads of Pilates exercises to try at home.


Exercise of the month

April ‘Exercise of the Month’ (Sheet 1)
May ‘Exercise of the Month’ (Sheet 2)
June ‘Exercise of the Month’ (Sheet 3)
August ‘Exercise of the Month’ (Sheet 5)
September ‘Exercise of the Month’ (Sheet 6)
October ‘Exercise of the Month’ (Sheet 7)
November ‘Exercise of the Month’ (Sheet 8)
December ‘Exercise of the Month’ (Sheet 9)
January ‘Exercise of the Month’ (Sheet 10)
February/March ‘Exercise of the Month’ (Sheet 11)

You can also download these exercise sheets to use in your daily practice:

Ante Natal

Please note that these exercises are intended for clients of Core Pilates. No responsibility can be held by Core Pilates for any injuries sustained whilst performing these exercises. If you suffer from back pain, a shoulder injury, osteoporosis or arthritis please speak to Penny before attempting these exercises.